Pop-up market in Brixton will celebrate Windrush Day and black culture and entrepreneurship

A Brixton based co-working space will host its third pop-up market to celebrate Windrush Day, black culture and entrepreneurship from 22-23 June.

Impact Brixton, in Pop Brixton, supports people in Lambeth with business ideas, access to employment, collaborative spaces and events to bring people together.

At this year’s market, anyone is welcome to trade but the idea is that the products highlight Caribbean or Windrush culture.

“Brixton is known as the capital of African Caribbean culture and when the Windrush came a lot of the people that were on board settled in Brixton, so Brixton is sort of at the heart of it,” said Impact Brixton director Jenine Baptiste.

“In Brixton it’s important to remember the legacy and to celebrate it and the way we’re doing it is via entrepreneurship.”

Some of the products you can expect to see include clothing lines, beauty products, fruit and vegetables such as coconuts, cards based on African and Caribbean culture, stationery and food stalls.

Jenine added: “Many of the businesses who choose to exhibit have maybe never traded or are new to it so it gives them a chance to get feedback from their customers and their community.”

Impact Brixton organizes a range of events throughout the year to encourage entrepreneurship in Lambeth such as a female founders’ event once a month to support women in business.

“Monday nights we open the space for free for anybody in the community who wants to know what’s going on and wants to connect with others,” she said.

“One of the projects that came out was the People’s Fridge to highlight food waste to try and reduce that in the area.”

Jenine also said that they host a debate club on topical issues in the community such as gentrification in Brixton and plan to make these sessions more frequent.

Jenine added: “We would like to establish a wider programme to support people to get onto the next level so it would be helping them with websites or Etsy platforms and just helping them become more digital.”

Details of the market can be found on Eventbrite and any specific enquiries can be made via email to Impact Brixton.

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