LOCAL ELECTIONS 2014: Lib Dem MP Ed Davey ‘not surprised’ Conservatives took control of his borough


Speaking before the result, Mr Davey said ‘many difficult issues’ posed a problem for the party


By Fran Le Noury

The Lib Dem’s defeat to the Conservatives in Kingston on Friday came as no surprise to their MP, Ed Davey,  in light of so many ‘difficult local issues’.

 Speaking before the result, he said controversy surrounding ex-council leader Derek Osbourne who was jailed last year for possesing child sex images was clearly an issue for the party, who had led the council for twelve years.
Other issues included the £3million Tolworth Greenway high street regeneration, which has been very unpopular with voters.
“I always thought we would be up against it, going in with a small majority and some difficult local issues,” he said. 
Despite Mr Davey’s uncertainties, Lib Dem councillors were still hopeful they could hold on to leadership and did not think the controversy surrounding Osbourne had been a concern for their campaign. 
Despite their record, former leader of the council, Liz Green, said it had always been close between the Conservatives and Lib Dems, who won their 26th councillor in 2006 by just 6 votes.
“Everyone in the media is saying there is speculation about Kingston, but it has always been that way,” she said.
Mr Davey predicted correctly about Osbournes former ward Beverley, with the two remaining seats going to the Conservatives.
“That was always going to be a difficult ward for us,” he said.

Photo courtesy of DSpender, with thanks. 

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