Everpresent marathon man out to show the youngsters how it’s done


A 76-year-old criminal defence lawyer who trains on Wimbledon Common is running in his 30th consecutive London Marathon tomorrow

London Marathon 2

By Monique Simpson, Samantha Webster, Howard Lloyd, Edd Gent and Tom Uden

Running fanatic Jeffrey Gordon is set to run his 30th consecutive London Marathon tomorrow at the age of 76.

Jeffrey is a member of the exclusive ‘Everpresent’ group of runners who have completed every London Marathon since the inaugural 26.2-mile event in 1981.

His training consists of a lap around Wimbledon Common most mornings, or running with the Thames Hare and Hound cross country club.

“I do feel a little pressure being in the ‘Everpresent’ group – probably more pressure than I’m under at work!” said criminal defence lawyer Jeffrey.

“But I do just love running. I’ve just got used to doing the marathon over the years and have no intention of stopping.”

Jeffrey underlined his determination to carry on competing in the event by admitting that he suffered from food poisoning and was hit by a bicycle, all in the past week!

However, Jeffrey was happy to reveal his secret weapon when it came to his remarkable marathon sequence.

“The support of my wife makes it so much easier for me,” he said.

“She’s my trainer, dietician and physio! I think it would have been an awful lot harder without her support.”

Having run the London Marathon on 29 consecutive occasions, Jeffrey has seen plenty of changes over the years.

“When I started, there were very few people dressed up in costumes as you have now,” he said.

“But I’m not really into the whole razzmatazz of running, I usually prefer the quieter, more relaxing side of it.”

Nic Gould, captain of Jeffrey’s Thames Hare and Hound cross country club, was full of praise for his experienced team-mate.

“He’s a real inspiration to some of the younger guys at the club,” he said.

“We have all ages, from teenagers to pensioners, but Jeffery looks in better shape than some of the youngsters!”

Despite his impressive age, Jeffrey still has another decade to go to match this year’s oldest male participant.

Jerzy Kolodziej, 86, is one of 11 competitors over 80, with Irene Clarke the oldest woman at 83.

This year’s marathon has attracted over 120,000 competitors, and is predicted to be the second-hottest on record.

Jeffrey’s club captain, however, says the tough conditions will not deter his more experienced running partner.

“I know he just did the 10-mile race in Richmond Park, so he’s in great shape,” said Mr Gould.

“He looks a good ten years younger when you see him running, so I’m sure he’ll do well.”

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