New scheme launched to help students gain graduate employment

A new ambassador scheme has been set up to help students affected by the pandemic upskill and find future jobs in marketing.

Raptor, a student marketing agency based in Shoreditch has started the Raptor Ambassador Academy Scheme, throwing a lifeline for students whose job prospects have been damaged.

The scheme combines practical workshops and mentoring opportunities, as well as the chance to gain internships at Raptor HQ, on top of their existing paid campaign work.

Beatrice Howes, a student from London, explained how she was excited to develop her skills in digital marketing, content creation and budgeting. 

“This opportunity is extremely valuable in light of the impact of COVID-19 on the current climate of employment, and also opens doors for students that aren’t from marketing backgrounds like myself,” she explained.

“The accreditation will be great to build out my CV, and I’m hoping to secure an internship through the academy for summer.”

Howes is one of over 50 ambassadors from 40 cities across the UK taking part in the scheme.

Despite the easing of restrictions over the coming months, the effects of the pandemic are likely to affect the graduates of 2021.

Raptor uses student ambassadors in their campaigns with brands such as Deliveroo, Tinder and Nando’s. Credit: Daisy Denham/ Raptor

Current final years have had to navigate online recruitment fairs and have been faced with a reduced number of jobs on offer.

The Institute for Student Employers found that more than a quarter of businesses reduced the number of graduates they recruited in 2020.

A study by the UK National Union of Students last summer found that 81% of respondents said they were concerned about the effect that the pandemic will have on their job prospects.

Raptor says that it was as these employment prospects tailed off that they noticed an increasing motivation from their student brand ambassadors to upskill.

David Burgman, Managing Director of Raptor, explained that the ambassador scheme was born out of a desire to both support and reward their student community.

“Utilising our talented team at Raptor HQ, we have put together a 360 programme which educates our ambassadors on the inner-workings of agency life, while providing them practical experience in areas such as new business, digital marketing and social media through workshop sessions and associated tasks,” he said.

Raptor works with brands such as Deliveroo, Nando’s and Tinder using integrated campaigns to make connections with the student market. 

Featured image: Raptor

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