Houses of horror: Inside Leigham Court Estate

Residents of an historic estate in Lambeth that has been home for generations of people are speaking out about the poor living conditions they are in, which they say is causing lasting physical and mental harm to them and their families. 

SWL spoke to a number of people living on the Leigham Court Estate, both on and off the record, to understand the problems that residents are facing.

Social housing tenants are living in extremely poor conditions, living with damp and mould that is affecting their health, and rising energy bills due to the substandard quality of their homes.

They say their landlord, Lambeth Council, has routinely ignored them and left them to fend for themselves.

Leaseholders on the estate are also facing problems while dealing with the council, who act as the freeholders, and are partly responsible for the properties on the estate. 

Many residents say that one of the fundamental problems is the conservation order that is placed on the estate, which they say drives up the price of repairs, which in turn puts the council off fixing problems.

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Featured Image: Louisa Johnson

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