97% of Covid patients in local hospitals not fully vaccinated

Unvaccinated patients make up the vast majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations in South West London, whilst local vaccination numbers soar. 

Research from the South West London Infection, Prevention and Control Forum found that, in October and November, 97% of Covid-19 hospital patients were not fully vaccinated. 

The news comes amid a nationwide campaign to get more people vaccinated, including with their booster vaccine.

The NHS in South West London delivered its highest weekly number of Covid jabs last week, seeing almost 137,000 receive a vaccine that week.

Hospitalisations with Covid-19 in London. Source:

Dr Andrew Murray, local GP and Chair of South West London Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “These figures show that our amazing NHS staff and volunteers are continuing to pull out all the stops to vaccinate people as quickly as we can possibly get jabs in arms.

“It’s never too late to get vaccinated. First and second doses give higher protection against the serious complications of Covid-19 and there are lots of clinics across South West London ready to deliver them.”

Not all of these record-breaking jabs were boosters; nearly 5,900 people in the area received their first vaccination last week. 

Over three million people across the whole of London have now received a booster vaccine: over a third of the city’s population. 

It is hoped that this will help to relieve hospitals, given the findings about the effect of vaccination on hospitalisation. 

Vaccine take-up in London. Source:

The hospital data from October and November shows that having the two doses and a booster meant people were eight times less likely to get seriously ill with Covid-19.

Even one dose left people half as likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid, whilst two doses meant people were three times less likely to be hospitalised.

The data was collected from St George’s Hospital, Kingston Hospital, Croydon University Hospital, Epsom Hospital and St Helier Hospital.

Dr Nicola Jones, local GP and clinical lead for south west London’s vaccination programme, said: “These figures highlight the importance of Covid-19 vaccinations and, with Omicron cases now rising, I would urge everyone not to delay having their booster to top up their immunity and help keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

“It is also a reminder that it is never late too late to get vaccinated.

“The offer from the NHS is evergreen, so please do not hesitate to come forward to give yourself as much protection as possible – we’re making it as easy as we can to get jabbed with a host of clinics across south west London.”

Vaccination sites, including walk-ins, can be found here.

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