Public asked to comment on potential new landfill sites


Waste Consultation Plan gives residents the opportunity to speak out regarding the possible locations for new waste sites in the Borough.

By Nick Grounds

LANDFILL sites are running out of space in Merton, prompting the council to propose alternative locations.

Merton’s Waste Consultation Plan is giving residents the opportunity to speak out regarding the redevelopment of existing waste sites and the possible locations for new ones.

Not all proposed relocations are pleasing local residents. Gill Halfpenny, a resident near the planned development at Rainbow Industrial Estate, believes they will do more harm than good.

She said: “Not only is this bad for our carbon footprint, but there are many public areas that will be overcome by the stench.

“This is a large residential area, and there’s also the library, the post office, the Methodist church and the Raynes Park station all within walking distance of where they’re planning on building.

The smell will provide an unpleasant backdrop to our community, and surely there are remoter possibilities”

There are also plans to deliver a site at Bushey road industrial area.

Not only does Bushey Mead provide residents with a sports centre, tennis courts and playing fields, but the picturesque Cannon Hill Common.

A Grade 1 for Nature Conservation, the Common has been home to a variety of plants and animals for over 140 years.

Alan Tapping, of Leisure and Cultural Services at Merton Civic Centre, said: “Cannon Hill Common is a small piece of countryside in the city and is a great place for walking the dog, fishing, or simply getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

“Landfill sites are unavoidable, but I hope they decide on the other locations as the Common is unique to our area and the smell may be a major nuisance.” 

A new approach was considered for the consultation, with 70% of residents preferring the informal gathering of information by a questionnaire and a video booth.

For a list of potential locations, and further information, visit:


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