Cash box robbery outside Sainsburys in Wimbledon


Suspects chased through Wimbledon by police following a robbery on Tuesday morning.


By James Pennicott

A ROBBERY occurred on Tuesday outside Sainsburys in Wimbledon when a cash box was stolen from the driver of a Loomis security vehicle at around 11.20am.

Two men knocked over the 50-year-old driver as he made his way from the store to the security van and ran off with the cash box towards Kingston road.

They were seen getting in to a grey Ford Focus on Raymond Road by a community support officer, heading towards Parkside.

Police pursued the suspects to Sandringham Close where the men proceeded on foot.

A police spokesman said: “One suspect has been detained and an area search for others is ongoing.”

Marlon Fletcher, 20, was committed to Kingston crown court on Wednesday. Bail has not been granted. 

The cash box was found nearby and returned to the security company.

A Loomis representative said: “We are pleased to say that no-one was hurt during the attack and there was no financial loss.”

However, police said: “The 50-year-old driver suffered bruising on his left knee.”

A Sainsburys spokesman said: “We are cooperating with the police and their enquiries. They have taken CCTV footage from the store and we will continue to assist them further.”



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