LOCAL ELECTIONS 2014: Labour takes full control of Merton as seats split beween four parties


Labour gained eight seats while the Conservatives lost seven.


By Luke Baker and Emma Griffin

Merton’s Labour councillors are celebrating this morning after winning 36 of 60 seats in the local elections, with the Conservatives disappointed to claim only 20.

Three of the remaining four seats went to Merton Park Ward Independent Residents Party while the embattled Liberal Democrats took just one.

Labour won in the following 12 wards with the number of votes achieved by each candidate also listed below:

Abbey: Labour swing of two seats from Conservative.
Rathy Alagaratnum  UKIP 259
Pauline Mary Barry Liberal Democrats 284
Richard Julius Howes Henrich Liberal Democrats 202
Abigail Jones Labour 1563
Andrew Judge Labour 1560
Katy Neep Labour 1519
Henry Nelless Conservative 1136
Cesar Sepulveda Conservative 975
Peter Smith Conservative 1104
John Henry Tippet Cooper Liberal Democrats 162
David Clive Wood Green 425
Total votes cast: 9189

Cannon Hill: Labour swing of three seats from Conservative
Omar Bush Conservative 1153
Tobin Byers Labour 1686
Andrew John Cope Liberal Democrats 254
Pauline Cowper Labour 1661
Fidelis Gadzama Labour 1556
Logie Lohendran Conservative1081
Vivian Rose MacVeigh Liberal Democrats 227
Cosette Malik Liberal Democrats 131
Andrew Thomas Mills UKIP 597
Debbie Shears Conservative 1227
Total votes cast:  9573

Colliers Wood: Labour hold
April Jacqueline Ashley Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 132
Laxmi Attawar Labour 1631
Caroline Cooper-Marbiah Labour 1687
Adam Crymble Conservative646
Nick Draper Labour 1774
Guiseppe Fraschini C 612
Nathan Hollow Liberal Democrats 238
Peter Lord Conservative 674
Ian Alexander Weir Green 545
David James Liberal Democrats 235
Total votes cast:  8174

Cricket Green: Labour hold
Andrew Hollingsworth C 449
Alan Hutchings Mitcham Independent Party 386
Russell Makin Labour 2170
Barbara Jane Mansfield C 467
John Charles Mansfield Mitcham Independent Party 360
Stuart Charles Morrison Mitcham Independent Party 310
Ian Munn Labour 2204
Nicholas Pizey Liberal Democrats 147
Judy Saunders Labour 2107
Carl Warner Conservative 375
Total votes cast: 8975

Figge’s Marsh: Labour hold
Agatha Mary Akyigyina Labour 2483
William Philip Brierly Conservative 439
Peter Cecil James Cargin Liberal Democrats 180
Henry Philip William Moulton Conservative 390
Geraldine Patricia Stanford Labour 2384
John Burke Telford Conservative 366
Peter Walker Labour 2200
Total votes cast: 8442

Graveney Ward: Labour hold
Margaret Brierly Conservative 421
John Dehaney Labour 2194
Benedict Isambard Fletcher Liberal Democrats 205
Alice Hammond Conservative 376
Sally Hammond Conservative 333
Peter Anthony Hardy Liberal Democrats 206
Rodney Kay-Kreizman Trade Unionist and Socialist Candidate 119
Linda Christine Kirby Labour 2132
Greg Udeh Labour 1888
Total votes cast: 7901

Lavender Fields: Labour hold
Richard Aitken-Davies Conservative 344
Mark Allison Labour 1682
Don Anderson UKIP 424
Elizabeth Jean Barker Liberal Democrats 232
Philip Beard Conservative 288
Ross Garrod Labour 1633
Edith Macauley Labour 1570
Thomas Moulton Conservative 263
Total votes cast: 6436

Longthornton: Labour hold
David Anthony Chung Labour 2115
Brenda Lorraine Fraser Labour 2119
Richard Hayward Conservative 637
Beth Mitchell Conservative 583
Elaine Virginie Patton Liberal Democrats 199
Hamna Qureshi Conservative 531
Marsie Skeete Labour 1891
Total votes cast: 8075

Lower Morden: Labour swing of three seats from Conservative and one from UKIP
Stan Anderson Labour 1730
Asif Ashraf Liberal Democrats 172
Mary Curtin Labour 1630
Maurice Groves Conservative 1165
Richard Alexander Hilton UKIP 753
Sally Kenny Labour 1762
Ray Tindle Conservative 1026
Gary Watkinson Conservative 928
Total votes cast: 9166

Pollards Hill: Labour hold
Jay Crush Conservative 382
Robert Giles Conservative 399
Bob Grahame UKIP 498
Jeff Hanna Labour 2148
Stephen Kenneth Harbron Liberal Democrats 163
Joan Henry Labour 2195
Imran Kali Conservative 290
Martin Whelton Labour 2135
Total votes cast: 8210

Ravensbury: Labour Hold
Stephen Alambritis Labour 1971
Anne Blanchard Liberal Democrats 206
John Alan Brereton UKIP 649
Anton Gjeta Conservative 335
Natalie Gordon Green 328
Philip Jones Labour 1769
Peter McCabe Labour  1633
Nicholas Martin McLean Conservative 420
Frank Lawrence Pocock Conservative 325
Total votes cast: 7636

St Helier: Labour hold
Chris Challouma Conservative 505
Andre Albert Lampitt UKIP 663
Hugh Lenon Conservative 421
Maxi Martin Labour 2010
Chris McLaughlin Conservative 435
Simon William Parritt Liberal Democrats 203
Dennis Pearce Labour 1916
Imran Uddin Labour 1673
Total votes cast: 7826

Conservatives won all seats in the following six wards:
Dundonald: Conservative hold
Adeniyi Adegboyega Labour 665
Giles Kevin Bailey Liberal Democrats 795
Christine Maurice Bickerstaff Labour 758
Michael Martin Bull Conservative 1355
Wayne Albert Busbridge Labour 647
Diana Coman Liberal Democrats 781
David Thomas Dean Conservative 1408
Eddie Edwards UKIP 232
Anthony John Fairclough  Liberal Democrats 782
Suzanne Ellen Grocott  Conservative 1326
Total votes cast: 8749

Hillside: Conservative swing of one seat from UKIP
Suzanne Evans UKIP 342
Carmel Ann Fowler Liberal Democrats 453
Michelle Honor Gordon Liberal Democrats 634
Mohammed Hasan Liberal Democrats 336
Daniel Sean Holden Conservative 1269
Tony Kane Labour 603
Christopher James McKeon Labour 533
Hamish Thomas Ellis Norbrook Liberal Democrats 337
David Ward Simpson Conservative 1309
David Tyrie Williams Conservative 1281
Total votes cast: 7097

Raynes Park: Conservative swing of one seat from UKIP
David Armer Liberal Democrats 547
David Ash Keep Our St Helier Hospital 233
Jennifer Yvette Bernard Liberal Democrats 471
Peter John Burton UKIP 339
Adam Bush Conservative 1415
Stephen Crowe Conservative 1410
Alison Fiona Honor Labour 809
Charles Lucas Labour 716
Praful Nargund Labour 672
Jill West Conservative 1419
Kevin Malcolm Whincup Liberal Democrats 444
Total votes cast: 8475

Trinity: Conservative hold
Federico Bertero Liberal Democrats 290
Mike Blakeney Labour 940
Helen Margaret Carter Liberal Democrats 364
Charlie Alice Chirico Conservative 1270
John Brian Colbert Labour 814
James Holmes Conservative 1283
Abdul Latif Conservative 1119
Liz Matthers Green 543
Dominic Moass UKIP 263
Matthew William Payne Liberal Democrats 283
Haile Warner Labour 763
Total votes cast: 7932

Village: Conservative hold
Hamish Alexander Badenoch Conservative 2067
Bill Bottriell Labour 385
John Michael Bowcott Conservative 2055
Habibullah Khan Labour 253
Najeeb Latif Conservative 1848
Simon McGrath Liberal Democrats 217
Diana Cecil Oxford Liberal Democrats 230
Brian Paul Liberal Democrats 300
Mason Redding Green 268
Rod Scott UKIP 298
Daniel Alexander Sheridan Liberal Democrats 164
Total votes cast: 8068

Wimbledon Park: Conservative hold
Sandra Ash Keep Our St Helier Hospital Party 189
Dave Busby Liberal Democrats 351
Liam Jacob Collins Green 524
Hugh Darcy Page Constant Labour 904
Edward William Doran Liberal Democrats 368
Janice Howard Conservative 1497
Denis Kouame Kouadio Liberal Democrats 299
Mark Thomas McAleer UKIP 366
Oonagh Moulton Conservative 1424
Motiur Rahman Labour 746
Linda Taylor Conservative 1367
Alisa Jayne Williams Labour 747
Total votes cast: 8782

The following ward was split between Conservative and Liberal Democrats:

West Barnes: Conservative swing of one seat from Liberal Democrats
Charles Barraball Green 455
Irina Lili Maira Chung Labour 581
Iain Desmond St Clair Dysart Liberal Democrats 1218
Mary-Jane Jeanes Liberal Democrats 1311
Brian Lewis-Lavender Conservative 1252
Gilli Lewis-Lavender Conservative 1424
Philip Ling Liberal Democrats 902
Jerome Wesley Neil Labour 577
Nicolas John O’Gorman UKIP 429
Sam Thomas Labour 520
Miles Windsor Conservative 966
Total votes cast: 9635

The following ward was won by Merton Park Ward Independent Residents Party

Merton Park: Merton Park Ward Independent Residents Party hold
Duncan John Burch Liberal Democrats 143
Nicholas John Bustin Conservative 516
David Richard Cotterill Conservative 566
John David Dalton Liberal Democrats 143
Anthony Alexander Draper Labour 552
Edward Foley Merton Park Ward Independent Residents 2047
Robert Andrew Lawrence Conservative 520
Nazir Malik Liberal Democrats 115
Charles Ocansey Labour 495
John Sargeant Merton Park Ward Independent Residents 2123
Ross Savill Labour 496
Peter Southgate Merton Park Ward Independent Residents Party 2052
Total votes cast: 9768

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