LOCAL ELECTIONS 2014: Full breakdown of results in Croydon


Labour now hold 40 seats to the Conservatives 30.


By Jas Bahia

New Addington

Declaration Time: 4.24am

Christensen Clive, UK Independence Party: 740

Clugston Jim, Green Party – Say No To Racism: 107

Cousins Martin, Green Party: 123

Fish Lara, Conservative Party: 617

Johnson Christopher, UK Independence Party: 639

Le May Clifford, British National Party: 168

Lewis Oliver, Labour Party: 1,244

Pearson Anthony, Conservative Party: 650

Treanor Donna, British National Party: 80

Woodley Louisa, Labour Party: 1,094

Turnout: 39%

2010 results:

George Ayres, Labour Party: 1390

Tony Pearson, Conservative Party: 1399



Declaration Time: 6.00am

Bonner Carole, Labour Party: 1,132

Castle Michael, Conservative Party: 471

Clarke David, British National Party: 210

Clarke John, British National Party: 212

Eastoe William, UK Independence Party: 686

Gale Eileen, Green Party: 102

Groves Jack, Green Party: 130

Hall Simon, Labour Party: 1,104

Laville Jayne, Conservative Party: 314

Turnout: 33%



Abdey Olive, Liberal Democrats: 238

Buttinger Janice, Conservative Party: 2,272

Catto Angela, Liberal Democrats: 271

Croos Mary-Romoline, Labour Party: 636

Dixon Ian, Green Party: 327

Dixon-King Anneka, Green Party: 336

Hollands Steven, Conservative Party: 2,123

Hooper David, UK Independence Party: 803

Knight James, Liberal Democrats: 217

Manton Paul, UK Independence Party: 714

O`Connell Stephen, Conservative Party: 2,111

Robson Lynnda, UK Independence Party: 728

Voute Tom, Green Party: 265

Ward Sarah, Labour Party Candidate: 678

Williams Christopher, Labour Party: 675

Turnout: 39.5%


Bensham Manor

Audsley James, Labour Party: 2,134

Butler Alison, Labour Party: 2,121

Jones Sam, Green Party: 379

Kabir Humayun, Labour Party: 1,940

Matin Talukdar, Conservative Party: 480

Muller Dirk, UK Independence Party: 378

Samuel Victoria, Green Party: 278

Smith Robert, Conservative Party: 588

Stevenson Ben, Communist: 55

Taylor Roger, Conservative Party: 579

Viney Stephen, Liberal Democrats: 117

Walsh Brendan, Green Party: 302

Turnout: 31.5%


South Norwood

Avis Jane, Labour Party: 2,211

Bee Katharine, Labour Party: 2,303

Brown Robert, Liberal Democrats: 314

Cope Jonathan, Conservative Party: 909

Ellis Andy, Green Party: 486

Jones Graham, Green Party: 494

Lawlor Wayne, Labour Party: 1,971

McKenzie Winston, UK Independence Party: 480

O`Flynn Matthew, Conservative Party: 739

Regan Jonathan, Liberal Democrats: 177

Reid Annette, UK Independence Party: 437

Reid Kimberley, Liberal Democrats: 220

Seyforth James, Green Party: 359

Slayford Barry, UK Independence Party: 437

St James Rosina, Conservative Party: 731

Turnout: 36.4%



Adams Christopher, Liberal Democrats: 266

Anderson Paul, Green Party: 458

Chatterjee Partha, Conservative Party: 1,630

Fitzsimons Sean, Labour Party: 2,165

Hague Joe, Green Party: 362

Harmes David, Conservative Party: 1,723

Hay-Justice Patricia, Labour Party: 2,027

Howard-Jones Gavin, Liberal Democrats: 169

Staveley Peter, UK Independence Party: 659

Sutton Esther, Green Party: 439

Terry Lisa, Conservative Party: 1,653

Tucker Will, Liberal Democrats: 186

Watson Mark, Labour Party: 1,962

Turnout: 42.5%



Ali Hamida, Labour Party: 1,874

Bokhari Harris, Green Party: 395

Enebe Andrew, Green Party: 493

Jefkins Heather, Liberal Democrats: 206

Newman Anthony, Labour Party: 2,130

Nnorom Ace, UK Independence Party: 522

Pollard Amy, Conservative Party: 831

Scott Paul, Labour Party: 2,000

Sidwell Michael, Conservative Party: 874

Tary Mustafa, Conservative Party: 714

Trivedi Clare, Green Party: 426

Turnout: 34.2%



Cummings Patricia, Labour Party: 1,471

Eveleigh Tim, Green Party: 504

Fraser Clive, Labour Party: 1,408

Heaton Daniel, UK Independence Party: 535

Konechni Sasha, Liberal Democrats: 223

Mohan Vidhi, Conservative Party: 2,109

Offer Stephanie, Liberal Democrats: 282

Pollard Helen, Conservative Party: 1,997

Raza Saima, Green Party: 461

Sorensen Ejnar, Liberal Democrats: 197

Wharton Jonathan, Green Party: 397

Winborn Susan, Conservative Party: 2,016

Wood David, Labour Party: 1,363

Turnout: 38.5%



Bagnall Paola, Labour Party: 879

Brew Simon, Conservative Party: 2,248

Desorgher Simon, Green Party: 409

George Jill, Liberal Democrats: 312

Guillem Georgina, UK Independence Party: 552

Horah Peter, Labour Party: 842

Longe Simbiat, Labour Party: 684

Makwana Neil, Liberal Democrats: 241

Marsden Liz, Green Party: 443

Quadir Badsha, Conservative Party: 1,878

Speakman Donald, Conservative Party: 1,989

Stringer Laura, UK Independence Party: 556

Tucker Anthony, Liberal Democrats: 295

Warner Marion, Green Party: 339

Turnout: 38.9%



Bearchell Andrew, UK Independence Party: 948

Bebington Andy, Green Party: 470

Bebington Liz, Green Party: 523

Bennett Susan Elizabeth, Conservative Party: 2,028

Chatterjee Richard, Conservative Party: 2,009

Connolly Eamon, UK Independence Party: 870

Fisher Mike, Conservative Party: 1,972

Garrod Elaine, Green Party: 252

Gill James, Labour Party: 1,243

Harris Ronald, Liberal Democrats: 294

Nicodemi Marzia, Labour Party: 1,301

Otmani Said, Labour Party: 1,163

Turnout: 41.9%



Bishop Michael, Liberal Democrats: 587

Clark Christopher, Labour Party: 1,103

Devlin Ben, Liberal Democrats: 505

Garner Kathleen, UK Independence Party: 629

Gatland Maria, Conservative Party: 2,042

Hague Tracey, Green Party: 515

Jefkins John, Liberal Democrats: 500

Khan Shasha, Green Party: 474

Martin Tony, Independent: 97

Neal Michael, Conservative Party: 1,910

Perry Jason, Conservative Party: 1,803

Reid Claudine, Labour Party: 1,011

Ross Gordon, Green Party: 479

Samuel Mark, Putting Croydon First!: 191

Waddell Paul, Labour Party: 1,099

Turnout: 41.1%



Adamson Kevin, UK Independence Party: 575

Armstrong Kirsty, Liberal Democrats: 197

Bailey Jonathan, UK Independence Party: 585

Bhattacharya Anindya, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition: 71

Canning Robert, Labour Party: 1,965

Davey Mary, Green Party: 324

Harris Anthony, Conservative Party: 1,803

Hoar Simon, Conservative Party: 1,696

Johnson Mark, Conservative Party: 1,565

Onions Grace, Green Party: 293

Pelling Andrew, Labour Party: 1,937

Post Martyn, Green Party Stop Fracking Now: 190

Prince Joy, Labour Party: 1,924

Rix Graham, UK Independence Party: 537

Tavares Michael, John Liberal Democrats: 151

Turnout: 41%


Selsdon and Ballards

Bailey William, UK Independence Party: 1,051

Bashford Sara, Conservative Party: 2,671

Chandrababu Vidyadharan, Labour Party: 491

Conway Margaret, Labour Party: 554

Glynn Edward, Liberal Democrats: 249

Howard Anne, Liberal Democrats: 264

Laporte Frederique, Liberal Democrats: 163

Larby Amanda, Green Party: 379

Mead Dudley, Conservative Party: 2,473

Nell Cassie, Green Party: 327

Smith Michael, Labour Party: 490

Thomas Philip, Conservative Party: 2,380

Underwood Peter, Green Party: 365


Thornton Heath

Bailey Nicholas, Conservative Party: 545

Clouder Patricia, Labour Party: 2,340

Coward Dwain, Independent:171

Ehirim Emmanuel, UK Independence Party: 392

Gardner Anne-Michelle, UK Independence Party: 388

Hart Glen, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition: 92

Jewitt Karen, Angela Labour Party: 2,023

Kenny-Green Rachel, Green Party: 308

Kyeremeh Matthew, Labour Party: 2,040

Menezes Maria, Liberal Democrats: 162

Morley Geoffrey, Liberal Democrats: 134

Osland David, Conservative Party: 444

Springthorpe Luke, Conservative Party: 445

Szczelkun Stefan, Green Party: 295

Wade Julie, Green Party: 336

Turnout: 32.9%



Bennett Andrew, Liberal Democrats: 296

Collard Michael, British National Party: 285

Collins Angela, Labour Party: 986

Cummings Jason, Conservative Party: 2026

Elliott Robert, Labour Party:795

Halai-Carter Yasmin, Green Party: 344

Mead Margaret, Conservative Party: 2048

Spalding Peter, Labour Party: 1154

Stranack Andrew, Conservative Party: 1778

Warner Christopher, Green Party:334

Whitrow Christopher, Green Party: 224

Williams Crispin, UK Independence Party: 1185

Turnout 42%


Upper Norwood

Boyle David, Liberal Democrats: 246

Eardley Michael, Green Party: 304

Flemming Alisa, Labour Party: 2007

Holland Simon, Green Party: 449

Jeffrey Marlyn, UK Independence Party: 450

Jonas Katalin, Conservative Party: 785

Kenny-Green Leslie, Green Party: 477

Morris Luke, Liberal Democrats: 185

Roquette Suzanne, Liberal Democrats: 124

Ryan Patrick, Labour Party: 2187

Terrey Audrey, Conservative Party: 755

Ward Anthony, UK Independence Party: 415

Ward Sandra, UK Independence Party: 391

Wentworth John, Labour Party: 1809

Wright Desmond, Conservative Party: 629

Turnout 35.5%


West Thornton

Benn Emily, Labour Party: 2461

King Marjorie, UK Independence Party: 298

Buttigeig Barry, Green Party: 213

Dwesar Samir, Conservative Party: 630

Evans Florence, Conservative Party: 684

Khan Bernadette, Labour Party: 2371

King Stuart, Labour Party: 2253

Knight Patricia, Liberal Democrats: 134

Parnell Rebecca, Green Party: 307

Ratnaraja Patrick, Conservative Party: 595

Thomas William, UK Independence Party: 312

Beall David, Green Party: 331

Turnout: 33.7%



Adams Susan, Liberal Democrats: 216

Aston David, Leonard UK Independence Party (UKIP): 788

Ball Robert, UK Independence Party: 779

Golberg Bernice, Green Party: 328

Henson Madelaine, Labour Party: 2110

Kellett Adam, Conservative Party: 1848

King Robert, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 705

MacDonald Sylvia, Conservative Party: 1908

Mann Stephen, Labour Party: 2085

Rendle Andrew, Labour Party: 1916

Sciberras Christopher, Anthony, Green Party: 261

Streeter Gareth, Conservative Party: 1815

Williams Isobel, Green Party: 259



Bindman Diane, Green Party: 422

Hale Lynne, Conservative Party: 2691

Harris Stephen, Green Party: 316

Hesmondhalgh Thomas, Liberal Democrats: 266

Hill Mathew, Labour Party: 570

Hopley Yvette, Conservative Party: 2545

Keynes Toby, Liberal Democrats: 208

Lovesey Thomas, Labour Party: 540

Moran Elizabeth,Liberal Democrats: 242

Nabukeera Stella, Labour Party: 491

Pollard Timothy, Conservative Party: 2463

Richards Marc, Green Party: 295

Smith Claire, UK Independence Party: 281

Turnout: 44.8%



Arrowsmith Doug, Green Party: 321

Chowdhury Sherwan, Labour Party: 2221

Skwirczynski Przemek, UK Independence Party: 356

Flook Benjamin, Conservative Party: 945

Gunter Tirena, Conservative Party: 1045

Hunte Rachel, UK Independence Party: 422

Kennedy Winston, Independent: 47

Khan Shafi, Labour Party: 2134

Mansell Margaret, Labour Party: 2227

Mehta Raj, Green Party: 312

Norfield Marie, Green Party: 305

Singh Gurmit, Conservative Party: 982

Viney Anne, Liberal Democrats: 220

Turnout: 35.7%



Benzler Meike, Green Party: 341

Bowness Marianne, UK Independence Party:503

Khan Megan, Green Party: 267

Brundle Madeleine, Conservative Party: 546

Brundle Richard, Conservative Party: 515

Corbin Joanna, Liberal Democrats: 240

Eden John, Communist: 77

Godfrey Timothy, Labour Party: 2086

Haven Elenor, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition: 88

Letts Toni, Labour Party: 2079

Parke-Blair Jenefer, UK Independence Party: 396

Ryan Gerry, Labour Party: 1996

Schofield Dominic, Conservative Party: 471

Wentworth-Shaw Edward, Independent: 128

Wittams Jo, Green Party: 269

Turnout: 31%


Broad Green

Barnett Nick, Green Party: 395

Collins Stuart, Labour Party: 2754

Ellis Pravina, Green Party: 265

Emmanuel Fabion, Conservative Party: 761

Khakhira Ragesh, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 65

Khan Sophia, Conservative Party: 535

Kirby Peter, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 500

Latham Peter, Communist: 69

Lyken Herman, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 404

McMillan Paul, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 69

Mohanan Bimal, Green Party: 301

Mohiuddin Syed, Liberal Democrats: 170

Selvanayagam Michael, Labour Party: 2609

Shahul-Hameed Manju, Labour Party: 2289

Stevensen Andrew, Conservative Party: 579

Turnout: 34.5%


Coulsdon West

Bains Jeet, Conservative Party: 2032

Black Stephen, Labour Party: 802

Clancy Luke, Conservative Party: 2039

Conn Frances, Liberal Democrats: 311

Creatura Mario, Conservative Party: 1807

Earl Judith, Liberal Democrats: 272

Fullilove Danny, UK Independence Party: 896

George Kenneth, Liberal Democrats: 224

King Charles, Labour Party: 776

Ogilvy Catriona, Labour Party: 809

Parsons Sue, Green Party: 477

Skipper Ruud, Green Party: 240

Watson Tim, Green Party: 220

Turnout: 38.6%


Coulsdon East

Bhatti Arfan, Liberal Democrats: 649

Bird Margaret, Conservative Party: 2230

Bullimore Ernest, Green Party: 386

Burridge Ashley, Liberal Democrats: 574

Farndon Lucy, Green Party: 355

Findell Lee, Labour Party: 527

Ginn Jay, Green Party: 314

Hickson Ghislaine, Liberal Democrats: 696

Lovesey Helen, Labour Party: 475

Milligan Joanne, Labour Party: 430

Smith Alan, UK Independence Party: 968

Thompson James, Conservative Party: 1864

Wright Christopher, Conservative Party: 2294

Turnout: 45.5%

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