LOCAL ELECTIONS 2014: Charing Cross Hospital closure plans cost Conservatives, say victorious Labour councillors


Labour Councillor Ben Coleman believes plans to turn some of the hospital into flats alienated voters.


By George Odling

Labour’s newly elected council leaders believe Conservative’s plans to close parts of Charing Cross hospital cost them votes in Hammersmith and Fulham.

The 2014 election, which had a 38% turnout, saw eleven Conservative seats in the Tory stronghold go to Labour, which now has 26 to the Tory’s 20.

Labour councillor for Fulham Broadway Ben Coleman believes that Conservative’s plans to turn sections of the hospital into luxury flats turned many voters against them. 

He said: “We have talked to voters who have said they cannot bring themselves to vote Conservative because of this.”

New leader of the council, Stephen Cowan, says it was three main issues that lost Tories crucial votes.

He said: “The first major thing was the issue of Charing Cross hospital, of course.

“The second big issue is housing planning – they have offered a third of council housing to developers.

“People who engage with the council from on large planning schemes found the deals were done in advance of public consultation actually taking place.

“The third issue is stealth taxes – they were even trying to introduce a baby burial tax.”

The Tories had controlled the Council for the last eight years, before big upsets in key wards such as Fulham Broadway and Fulham Reach helped swing the vote against them.

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