South west London Liberal Democrats savaged in NUS ‘Liar Liar’ tuition fees campaign

Vince Cable, Ed Davey and Paul Burstow are being branded ‘liars’ in a National Union of Students (NUS) billboard campaign attacking tuition fees.

The parliamentary candidates for Twickenham, Kingston & Surbiton and Sutton & Cheam were among 28 Liberal Democrat MPs who broke a 2010 NUS pledge not to vote for increased fees.

The NUS’s Liar Liar campaign is urging people to sign a pledge stating they won’t vote for any of those candidates standing at the general election on May 7.

The giant posters will hang outside London Victoria, Sheffield Centre and Manchester Piccadilly until May 8.

NUS President Toni Pearce said: “Nick Clegg and all of the other pledge breakers toured campuses all over the country and made personal promises to students.

“They signed pledges. They held them up for photo opportunities, and used each as currency for election.

“Students queued to vote for the Lib Dems in 2010 on the sole basis of this pledge – it wasn’t a minor misdemeanour.

“It was an outright lie. We have an obligation to hold them to account for this, and we will.”

The London Victoria poster will hang above the train time boards and reads: ‘They pledged to scrap tuition fees. They lied. Make your own permanent mark’.

The NUS pledge also calls for voters to demand more from the political system.

Fifty seven Liberal Democrat MPs signed the NUS’s 2010 Funding Our Future pledge with 21 voting against the coalition government’s bill.

The NUS claim their polling shows 77% of students don’t trust politicians to keep their promises.

Ed Miliband has pledged to cut annual tuition fees to £6,000 if a Labour government is elected on May 7.

A South West Londoner poll revealed that Labour’s promise to cut fees would only influence 17% of people to vote for them on polling day.

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