On The Pulse: What do you make of Team GB’s Olympic kit?


SWLondoner’s Asif Faruque took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out what people had to say.


By Asif Faruque

Stella McCartney’s Olympic Team GB kit was revealed yesterday to a barrage of criticism for its under use of red in the colour scheme.

Critics have said that the lack of red is akin to removing the St Patrick and St George from the Union Jack.

The predominantly indigo kit will be paired with red shoes. The kit only uses a small amount of red detail across the collar of some of the designs.

The designer responded to criticisms on her Twitter account saying: “The design actually uses more red & shows more flag than any Team GB Kit since ’84.”

Is McCartney’s  predominantly blue design bordering too much on Scottish colours and is the lack of red a problem for the public?

SWLondoner took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out what people had to say.


This is the first I’ve seen it but it looks great. I can see how it looks like a Scottish or an American flag though, but being an American I don’t mind. It looks great.

Tim Devaney, 23


I’d say it’s a nice idea and a good uniform. My favourite bit is the red detailing.

Pera Lopes, 25


I’ve had a little look over the last day or two and I think it looks good from a scientific point of view, I definitely agree there’s a lack of red and I’m not a fan of the huge dark area. It’s got red, white and blue so it’s quite clearly the British flag. I’m quite relaxed about things like that thought so I’m not going to kick up a fuss if its got less red. On the whole it’s pretty impressive, the whole thing looks good and maybe the dark areas serve a function.

Rob Araujo, 25


It’s very tight and very blue, compared to the Danish uniform it’s very modern as the Danish uniform is very retro. It’s hard to say if this uniform will represent Britain well.

Michael Jorgensen, 26


I heard someone say it’s a cross between a gladiator and an athlete but I think it’s nice and I think it’s supposed to be that tight.

Tracy Palm, 26


The times are changing as it’s not like the old days when uniforms were just red white and blue with plain white shorts. People years ago would say that [Zara Dampney’s volleyball uniform] looks pornographic, but times are changing.

Kenny Embleton, 64


It’s very simple and I like the men’s uniform. It might not have the red in the uniform but they’ve got the red socks. It’s understated, I like how it’s done.

On the whole it doesn’t bother me at all, I don’t think about these things.

Lena Smith, 25


What concerns me is the ‘x-factor’ looking logo across Phillips Idowu’s unform. Overall I think it’s very good, but Stella had to do something reasonably controversial as that’s what fashion designers do; to keep her ethos going she had to annoy someone. I think it’s quite good, but what will annoy me is if they aren’t allowed to wear their Nike shoes because of the Adidas collaboration on the kit.

Chris Findlay, 25


There’s some red in some of them, I thought it was quite swish-looking. I’m Scottish so maybe that’s why I’m enjoying it. The flag stands out, that’s what caught my eye; it’s quite clearly the Union Jack.

Bill Brittian, 63

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