Wimbledon roofer is a real life Santa Claus


Merton business donates much-needed toys to children’s hospice


By Karina Hayward, Jenny Jones, Will O’Doherty and Alice Sinclair

Merton charity superstars have come to the rescue of terminally ill children this Christmas.

Charity champions Paul Strank Roofing put an open letter on a Merton blog, appealing to businesses to donate toys to CHASE Hospice, based in Guilford.

The appeal has proved successful and the annual toy drive was able to go ahead to the delight of the charity.

“Paul has been in this morning bringing in lots of toys,” said Melanie Hill of the CHASE Hospice Fundraising Office.

“We are overflowing with toys, it’s fantastic. We are very grateful.

“Everyone managed to get what they wished for. The kids haven’t received them yet but everyone will be delighted.”

Paul Strank Roofing have supported a number of charities and have sponsored Children in Need since 1969.

The majority of the charities supported specifically benefit children, and in the letter they refer to CHASE Hospice as perhaps their most deserving charity.

This year the hospice are caring for about 250 children, a high number for the small charity.

The letter appealed to other Merton businesses and residents to give what they can to the hospice, from toys to money to DVDs.

“For many it is literally their last Christmas,” it said. “We hope that working together we can collect enough so that every child can have at least one present this Christmas. ”

“We have a new fundraising drive ready to go from Boxing Day called ‘Keep Fit For CHASE’,” said Ms Hill.

“The plan is to help people keep their post-Christmas fitness promises while raising money for the hospice.”

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