Injury camp sends skiers sliding again


Skiers attend annual rehabilitation trip


By Kieran Walsh, Tim Williams, Sam Crompton, Funmi Olutoye and Alec Shilton

Wounded skiers are being aided in their return to the slopes by an annual ‘Injury Ski Camp’, run by a Wimbledon-based clinic.

Run in association with the Warren Smith Ski Academy, the one-week camp in Verbier ran from December 4th-11th and offered rehabilitation to professional and amateur skiers.

Orthopaedic surgeon Jonathan Bell said he thought this year’s event had been a resounding success with great snow and a large number of his patients taken back to the slopes.

“The patients had been operated on this year by our surgeons. The idea was to help them fully recover and take them back skiing. Everyone has done it so far.”

After the success of this year’s event Mr Bell confirmed that the clinic planned to host it again next year, which would be its fifth in a row.

Part of the centre’s work is to get people to remember their limits and to take special care when they are skiing in this vigorous sport.

Mr Bell said: “The problem is that people tend to ski for too long and in skiing you can become fatigued very quickly.”

Ahead of departure, patients can work with a physiotherapist and sports psychologist to build up their conditioning and confidence.

Once in Verbier, the clinic offers five days’ expert recovery tuition, with physiotherapy if required.

Mr Bell said: “A reason quite a lot of people struggle to get back to skiing is the psychological barrier because it is not like football where you can half heartedly get back to playing. It can be very difficult.”

On return from the Injury Ski Camp the centre offers professional ski assistance and coaching.

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