Grenfell tragedy 100 days on: ‘Most still relying on hotels’

Victims of the tragic Grenfell fire on June 14 were to be rehoused within three weeks, said Prime Minister Theresa May.

It is now more than three months later and, as a candlelit gathering at the memorial wall today marked the 100-day anniversary, 150 residents affected by the blaze were still relying on hotels for refuge.

The Grenfell Response Team was created to rehouse survivors and ensure none would be left homeless, promising on their website everyone whose home was destroyed in the fire would be offered a temporary home in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea or a neighbouring borough.

A Justice4Grenfell spokesman said today: “The wider local community maintains common humanity, empathy and love looking after the survivors whilst some public and statutory services continue to largely fail in their responsibilities and duty to the survivors, bereaved families, evacuated residents and the wider impacted community.”

The community-led organisation said most survivors remained in unsuitable hotel accommodation, with 34 households permanently rehoused and a further 29 households now in temporary lodging.

The Grenfell Tower inquiry was formally opened by Sir Martin Moore-Bik on September 14 to assess how the accident occurred.

Sixteen-year-old Nur Huda El-Wahabi is the most recent victim to be identified by Metropolitan Police.

Her family said: “We are proud of her and will continue on remembering her and all our family and friends who have died in this tragedy.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “I am more determined than ever to ensure justice is done.”

The candlelit gathering was held at Grenfell Memorial Wall, Bramley Road, at 4pm.

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