Maltesers and Peanut App partner to spark conversations with working mums

A new white paper launched this week is exploring the challenges mums face in the workplace, revealing despite societal changes, the burden of combining work and home life can still fall on working mums.

Research has revealed that one in four mums in the UK feel less valued as an employee in the workplace since becoming a mum, and 30 per cent don’t feel understood by others in the workplace.

Commissioned by MALTESERS, a survey of over 2,000 working parents in the UK, who have at least one child aged five or younger, found that 55 per cent of UK mums say they need more help from employers and colleagues. 

MALTESERS has partnered with Peanut App to spark conversations between working mums, helping them navigate the highs and lows, and spotlighting the ways in which those around them can step up to support.

The news follows MALTESERS £500k donation to long standing partner, Comic Relief, earlier this year to work towards their shared vision of a future where women no longer face injustice. Together, both organisations are looking to lighten the load for working mums. 

Leah Dyckes, Brand Director, at MALTESERS said: “It’s hard for working mums; society tells them they can ‘have it all’, but the reality is often very different.

“There are so many challenges, and it can be a real struggle to make it work – and too often the expectations and structures at work and home aren’t changing quickly enough.

“Through our #MotherLover campaign and meaningful partnership with Peanut, which directly speaks and creates spaces for mums every day, we can help shift this dynamic by asking everyone around women to step up, to show empathy, and do what they can as allies to lighten their load.”

In addition to finding affordable and appropriate childcare, maintaining relationships, and coping with sleepless nights, working mums are often pulled in all directions and can feel that they are letting everyone down.

In fact, 79 per cent of mums in the UK feel guilty for not spending enough time with their children, whilst over half (56 per cent) also feel guilty about not working enough.

The study also revealed that 24 per cent of mums in the UK feel less valued as an employee in the workplace since becoming a mum, and 30 per cent don’t feel understood by others in the workplace. 

The findings come as MALTESERS partners with Peanut App, the fastest-growing online community to connect women throughout all stages of motherhood.

Peanut has long been a community where mothers have felt safe discussing issues related to work and motherhood.

That’s why MALTESERS and Peanut are launching a new content hub ‘Work & Motherhood’ which provides actionable tips, tools, and real-life advice from real mothers.

Women who are looking to ask their own questions and be vulnerable in a safe space can join the in-app ‘Work & Motherhood’ group on Peanut powered by MALTESERS.

Speaking about the campaign and research, Michelle Kennedy, Founder and CEO, Peanut App said: “At Peanut, our mission has always been to improve women’s lives and provide better access to support when they need it most. Partnering with MALTESERS is an extension of this mission.

“As a mother of two myself, I can safely say that balance is a myth! The reality is, it’s always a juggle. Sometimes I juggle well, sometimes not so well. The essence is in trying to move through the madness, and not beating myself up when I get something wrong or when I drop a ball.

“That guilt associated with ‘dropping the ball’ is something that we don’t always talk about openly, and that contributes to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Creating safe spaces like our in-app ‘Work & Motherhood’ group with MALTESERS is a step forward in ensuring that no mother feels alone in this struggle.”

As part of its work in breaking down taboos and supporting working mums, MALTESERS has launched a brand-new social and advertising campaign #MotherLover, which aims to celebrate the village around mums, while also providing suggestions, advice, and spaces to these groups to best support mothers in the workplace.

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