‘Relationship reckoning’ beckons post lockdown says counselling charity Relate

By Andy Crossan
May 22 2020, 14.50

Londoners are more likely to find their partner irritating right now compared to couples living together elsewhere in the UK, new research shows.

Relationship counsellors, Relate Richmond, revealed that 37% of Londoners are finding their partner irritating during lockdown – compared to a UK average of 27%.

The charity is urging couples to seek help while social distancing measures are in place through offering phone and webcam counselling and a live chat facility.

Financial worries and arguments are also more common among London couples while almost one in five (18%) went as far as admitting they are having relationship doubts.

Stephanie Knight, Relate Richmond counsellor, said: “We’re expecting a ‘relationship reckoning’ once lockdown begins to lift.

“Everyone’s trying their best to get through while stuck under one roof but that door won’t stay closed forever, which is why we’re urging anyone experiencing issues to get in touch with Relate now rather than letting things fester until things get irreparably bad.”

Ms Knight explained that the pandemic is magnifying existing issues between couples and that a variety of factors could be contributing to the irritations felt in London especially – such as smaller living spaces, high rents and limited amounts of green space.

While irritation levels are higher for those in London, intimacy is more common too – with 31% of Londoners having more sex with their partners during lockdown compared to just 17% across the whole of the UK.

Last year, more than four million people accessed information, support and counselling from Relate.

For more information visit Relate’s COVID-19 area on

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