COVID-19 helpline set up by volunteers in Croydon to support their neighbours

By Ed Magnus
April 22 2020, 17.25

Croydon residents are showing compassion, empathy and sacrifice in the face of Covid-19, like many all over the country.

Croydon Covid-19 Mutual Aid (CCMA) is a network of 70 mutual aid groups operating throughout the London borough, supporting those most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

CCMA has launched a helpline to ensure Croydon residents without internet access are not forgotten during these worrying times. 

Fifty volunteers have already signed up to man the helpline working from 8am-8pm every day in 6 hour shifts. 

CCMA organising committee member Ben Taylor said: “These have been tough times but people across Croydon have been finding the support they need from their own community through local mutual aid groups.

“With this helpline we’ll be able to help link these up with people in their own community so they can get the support they need.”

Since March, the CCMA network has grown massively, with thousands joining Croydon’s mutual aid Facebook and Whatsapp groups. 

More than 3,700 people have joined the Croydon Covid-19 Facebook group where residents communicate to arrange support

This is a great example of a community support network in action. There are people donating to food banks, some collecting shopping for elderly neighbours and others delivering medical prescriptions.

More volunteers lend their cars to NHS workers, check on neighbours and provide moral support. 

CCMA organiser, Daniel Jones, 28, said: “I grew up here. It shows that when it comes to it, the people here want to step up and help each other.

“It is quite inspiring really. You do hope that when we come out of this, Croydon will be a closer place.”

You can contact the CCMA helpline on 020 3322 8379. The line will be open from 8am until 8pm daily.

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