Lovely Jubbly! Gold Del Boy statue could commemorate Only Fools and Horses flat

A golden Del Boy statue could be erected outside the Ealing tower block that featured as his home in comedy series Only Fools and Horses.

Comedy TV channel Gold is petitioning Ealing Council to commemorate the significance of Acton’s Harlech Tower, to comedy history after it was announced that the estate is to be demolished to make room for affordable housing.

Harlech Tower is known to fans as Nelson Mandela House, the fictional home of the Trotter family.

LOVELY JUBBLY! An impression of the proposed statue.

Despite being 14 miles from the sitcom’s Peckham setting, the building is recognisable from the opening credits of the show.

Co-star John Challis, 76, AKA Boycie, endorsed the petition in a video to help gain public support.

Mr Challis said: “Del Boy’s home is part of TV history!

“The lovely folk at the Gold TV channel have set up an online petition to commemorate its memory.

“Maybe a plaque, or a bench or a golden statue of Grandad.”

Only Fools ran for seven seasons, including 64 episodes plus seven Christmas specials, one of which racked up 24.3 million viewers in 1996, the largest ever TV audience of a British sitcom.

Gold TV said: “We knew we had to act and preserve the comedic landmark that so many fans love to visit.

“We don’t want to stand in the way of progress, but there is something we can do to commemorate the towers connection to the iconic Only Fools and Horses.”

The plans have to be debated by the council if 1500 signatures are reached.

Though a bench or plaque might be more likely, these gold statues of Del Boy and his signature three wheeled car look pretty great.

David Jason’s Del Boy said of the flat: “We’ve been living in it since 1962.

You were born in it. He was banned from it.

I mean, we’re all living in it, you know the whole family.

“There’s Mum and Grandad and, you know, everyone.

This place holds many warm memories for me.”

Well Del Boy, it seems you are not alone.

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