Twickenham salon out of deep water as £5k a month mystery bill traced to burst pipe

By Vinny Munbodh
January 22 2020, 12.20

A Twickenham hairdresser’s owner was forced to shut up shop after a mystery leak cost his business thousands of pounds.

Joseph Yildiz, 46, was baffled by the salon’s high water consumption and forced to temporarily abandon the business in November 2019.

Joseph’s Salon, on York Street, had been hit with £5k a month water bills because of a burst pipe that went undiscovered for three years.

Mr Yildiz said: “The rates just went crazy.”

The problem started in 2016 when Mr Yildiz noticed astronomical bills of over £4k per month, from Thames Water.

As he usually paid £50 per month he disputed the costs.

A new supplier, Castle Water, then started billing Mr Yildiz £5k per month.

Sure that something was wrong, Mr Yildiz fought to get a ‘final assessment’ undertaken.

This uncovered a major water leak underneath the salon, which had been there since 2016.

Work has now been undertaken to resolve the water damage, with the pipes having been earlier this month and final damage repair will take place in the next few weeks.

Mr Yildiz is relieved to say that the salon will open again around Easter.

Joesph’s has been the salon of choice for stars such as Samantha Bond, James Cosmo, and Hannah Spearritt.

The Twickenham branch can be found at 5 York Street whilst the St Margaret’s branch is located at 117 St Margaret’s Road.

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