Wandsworth residents express anger at Prime Minister’s response to homelessness question at PMQs

Outraged Wandsworth residents took to Twitter yesterday after the Prime Minister disputed the definition of homelessness in Westminster.

During Prime Minister’s Questions Labour MP Rosena Allin-Khan revealed 2500 children would wake up homeless on Christmas Day.

Twitter user Jack Dowden said: “Wandsworth is my home town, shameful statistic.”

Prime Minister Theresa May replied to Ms Allin-Khan: “Anybody hearing that will assume that what that means is that 2,500 children will be sleeping on our streets.

“It does not – it does not mean that.”

May’s response sparked uproar and shouts of shame from the Labour party in the House of Commons as locals took to twitter to share their views.

Shehab Khan called her comment: “Out of touch. Clueless. And above all, utterly shameful.”

James said: “@Conservatives are as nasty as they’ve ever been. Shame on you, @theresa_may!”

Some however disputed these comments saying video clips posted on social media were taken out of context.

Ray said: “It’s not shameful to state a fact. Would you rather people are honest or lie?”

Tweets are still coming through today debating May’s words.

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