The Andy Gray Column: Fulham’s Moussa Dembele could play at higher level


Andy Gray talks to Ben Baker about Dembele’s progress at the London club.

Image: ambassador Andy Gray was talking to Ben Baker, exclusively for South West Londoner.

As we reach the halfway stage of the season – one player I have been impressed with has been Moussa Dembele down at Fulham.

Dembele is a player who could probably play at a higher level and for a bigger club.

The one thing I would say though is that I would like to see him score more goals. He plays well but when it comes to putting the ball into the back of the net he struggles slightly and I know he will be wanting to build on that as the season gets going.

I think he looks very natural on the ball, very comfortable. I always look for that in players when I see them for the first few times. I always like to look at how they receive the ball and how easy they are with it, and how they distribute it, and you can tell when the ball doesn’t embarrass someone – and it certainly doesn’t embarrass him.

He’ll take it, carry it anywhere, with his back to goal, side on, facing goal, he’ll control it and it’s all very natural and composed.

But it’s a bit like learning the game, his choice at the end of all that – his final ball – sometimes, I think he makes the wrong decision. But that’s being very picky.

Is he a good player? In my opinion, yes. Could he play at a higher level? Yes. I’d like to see him add more goals to his game, because if he did that – he really would be a player and a half.

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