Double glazing industry still suffering, says Chessington business


Industry predicted upturn hasn’t materialised, says Martin

By SWLondoner staff

A Chessington director is rejecting suggestions that the double glazing industry is experiencing an upturn.

Tracey Martin, of Pro-Fit Windows Systems Ltd, says the recession is still having a damaging effect on business.

Mrs Martin hopes the busy Christmas market will generate a change in fortunes but remains cautious.

She said: “We’ve got enough work to take us into January but we’re wondering what January will be like because, if there’s a recession update on the news, people will be holding on to their money more.” 

Evidence of an upswing was identified by salesman and industry-renowned Twitter blogger Jason Grafton-Holt.

He said: “At the end of last year, everyone was expecting this year to be a bloodbath in our industry because of the recession. Companies were going bust. Demand wasn’t there.” 

He says has seen a rise in business in recent months and downplayed the effects of the recession.

He said: “The economy is doing a little better, and demands at the moment for windows are much higher than expected during a normally quiet period.”

The stagnation of the housing market means fewer people are moving home but, instead, improving their current home, with windows a main priority.

Double glazing business increases during winter months when the weather takes a turn for the worse and families look to reduce spending on energy. 

Mr Grafton-Holt said: “The average household could save £260-467 on their average bill.”

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