Park Lane Stables agree price to return to Teddington

Park Lane Stables took a step closer to returning to Teddington after a price was agreed for a purchase of their former stables.

After fundraising efforts saw the charity raise more than £1.3 million to stay in Teddington earlier this year, they were unable to agree a purchase before the May 31 deadline, despite having made an offer above the price given by three independent valuations of the land.

Because of this, the reigning Who Cares Wins best health charity were forced to temporarily move to Manor Farm Stables in Petersham whilst they continued efforts to return to Teddington.

The development was announced this morning on the Park Lane Stables website and social media.

The statement on the Park Lane Stables website said: “Earlier this year we reminded ourselves: ‘Don’t fear the storm for the rainbow is never far behind’.

“Since then we have had our sights firmly set on the rainbow, and on coming home to Teddington as the owners of our home.

“That day should be with us soon.”

Although the sale is not yet complete and there are many potential hurdles yet to be cleared, having agreed a sale price is a step towards being able to move back to their previous home in Teddington.

Neil Rodford, chair of Park Lane Stables trustees, said: “We remain committed to Natalie’s original goal to buy the Park Lane property and provide a secure future for all who depend on the services we provide.

“It’s never possible to predict the twists and turns of any legal process and this has had more than its fair share.”

Ed Bracher, Chief Executive of RDA UK, said: “The complexities of this purchase – and the need to ensure a secure future for the group – have inevitably led to a more drawn-out process, but we want to thank all those involved who are working flat out to make this happen.”

Featured Image Credit: Max Ellis and Park Lane Stables

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