Serious violent crime offences continue to rise in Lambeth as another teenager is stabbed


The incident took place last Thursday afternoon.


By Sean Connor

A teenager was stabbed in Streatham last week, worsening the serious violent crime statistics in Lambeth which are already ‘above average’ compared to last year.

At around 1:30pm on Thursday, police and ambulances were called to Barrow Road, after reports of an assault had taken place.

An injured teenage boy was discovered and taken to a nearby South London Hospital.

His injuries are not thought to be serious and he is in a stable condition.

A spokesman from Lambeth MPS confirmed that enquires still continue as no arrests have yet been made.

The offence adds to the worrying serious violence statistic currently revolving around the Lambeth borough.

A concerned resident of Streatham, Kieran Roche, 28, said: “It’s a shame having grown up in the area. It’s starting to become an every day occurrence.

“When I was younger I witnessed an incident in the old ice rink, after that I avoided certain parts of Streatham at all costs as a teenager.”

Between June and August this year, knife crime offences crept up to a 10% rise compared to the same months last year.

Last month, 84 wounding/GBH offences were reported to the Met Police, averaging at almost three incidents per day.

In the last three months, Lambeth’s GBH offence figures have been highest amongst all other boroughs of London.

Despite a rise in serious violent crime in the borough, crime figures on the whole are improving, partly down to sanction detentions completed by police in conjunction with the offences reported.

Photo courtesy of freefotouk, with thanks.

Picture courtesy of freefotouk, with thanks.

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