Couple banned from New Malden B&Q after suspected sexual liaison


The couple allegedly spent at least 40 minutes in the lower customer toilets last week.


By Mansha Haurdhan

A couple have been banned from a London D.I.Y superstore after they were suspected of having sex in the customer toilets last week.

The unnamed couple visited B&Q, New Malden, on Friday 14 October around 7:30pm where it is alleged they spent at least 40 minutes in the lower customer toilets.

Clarissa Fernandes, a member of staff from the store, became suspicious of their activities around 20 minutes after they had entered the toilet.  

At around 8:10 pm she saw a heavily pregnant woman rearranging her skirt and a man zipping up his trousers whilst exiting the disabled toilets.

The couple left the store after browsing the Décor department.

Miss Fernandes was later approached by a different customer who commented about the smell in the toilet.

The next day the same couple returned to the store between the hours of 1 and 2pm and walked directly to the customer disabled toilets.

Three members of staff, including Miss Fernandes, discussed  their plan of action and Ms Adeleke, another member of staff, decided to open the toilet door where the man verbally abused her whilst the couple made their way further into the store.

A department manager, who wishes to remain anonymous, was alerted of the events and decided to ban the couple from re-entering the store, for verbal abuse to members of staff.

He did not comment on the suspected sexual activities.  

The couple have not returned.

Miss Fernandes said: “I never thought anyone would do what we think they’ve done, especially considering how heavily pregnant she was.”

Ms. Adeleke said: “Normally I would agree with the saying, ‘the customer is always right’, but in this case the statement does not apply.”

Picture courtesy of slimmer_jimmer, with thanks

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