Pedestrianisation of Croydon high street will boost night time economy

The pedestrianisation of North End is set to be extended to include some of High Street, as part of a 12 month pilot to improve movement across the town centre and boost the night time economy.

The project, which aims to boost footfall to and from North End, will see the closure of High Street to all vehicles including buses and taxis between Katherine Street and Park Street, and the creation of a new public space.

As part of the project the following changes will be implemented:

• Park Street will be made one way up to its junction with St George’s Walk
• All buses that used to travel along High Street will instead travel via St George’s Walk
• The taxi rank on High Street will be relocated to Park Street
• The two bus stops on Park Street will be relocated further up Park Street to the current location of the bus stand
• The bus lane currently on Park Street will be removed to make way for all general traffic
• The existing zebra crossing and motorcycle bays on St George’s Walk will be repositioned to allow room for the new bus stand which will have moved from Park Street.

Works will begin in early September, to enable the new traffic operations and relocation of bus and taxi stands, with the new road layout due to go live in October. The second phase of works will be around how the newly pedestrianised area of High Street is used.

The project is part of Croydon’s Growth Zone, a £500m programme of works being delivered by the council in partnership with Transport for London and the Greater London Authority.

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for economy and jobs, said: “This is an exciting plan for the town centre, not only will it make it easier to move around, but it allows for al fresco dining creating a new drinking and dining experience in the town centre.

“I hope the new pedestrianised space will attract new visitors from out of town to spend money in the centre, boosting local businesses and Croydon’s economy.”

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The Growth Zone is a £500m programme of works being delivered by Croydon Council, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London. The programme is made-up of a number of projects to support the regeneration currently under way in the borough and to meet the needs of Croydon’s rapidly growing population while ensuring the town centre continues to thrive and be enjoyed during the works.

The projects include transport, schools and community infrastructure, regeneration and public realm improvements, as well as support for small businesses which is essential to facilitate growth in central Croydon.

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