Thousands of Richmond residents say no to Heathrow expansion


72% are against the plans to build a third runway.


By SWLondoner staff

Richmond residents have spoken out against Heathrow expansion plans in a local referendum.

Both Richmond and Hillingdon Councils held borough-wide ballots for residents to express their views on the proposed expansion, with the results showing that 72% are against a third runway.

An overwhelming majority also said they were not in favour of more flights into and out of Heathrow, with 73% against the plans.

The voting period open for four weeks from April 22 to May 16, with 140,516 out of 342,514 (41%) returning their vote.

Lord True, leader of Richmond Council, said that it was staggering how many people had taken the chance to make their voice heard on this issue.

“Enough people have said “NO” in just two of London’s 32 Boroughs to make Twickenham Rugby stadium overflow,” he said.

“The people have spoken – now let the people be heard. This government has rightly promoted the use of referendums by local Councils.”

“Together with Hillingdon this sends the loudest message to all the decision takers about the barmy Big Heathrow plan.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, added that it was ‘sheer lunacy’ to think about squeezing an extra runway into an area which is so densely populated and already blighted by noise and air pollution.

“Sometimes I wonder if those championing Heathrow expansion are looking at the wrong map,” he said.

“The people of Richmond and Hillingdon have spoken with a resounding ‘No’ to this ludicrous idea. They are shouting this so loudly that even those with their heads buried firmly in the sand over the issue should be able to hear them!”

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