Fulham walk-in centre to be closed by March despite Greg Hands’ election promises

By Catrin Picton
January 21 2020, 09.00

Parsons Green walk-in centre is to be closed in March despite local MP Gregg Hands ensuring its safety in December general election.

A tweet this week from Hammersmith and Fulham’s cabinet member for health and adult social care, Ben Coleman said:

Update on Parsons Green NHS Walk-In Centre. At Board meeting y’day, @NHSHFCCG confirmed centre would not stay open after March in its present form. Looks as though election claims by @GregHands & @MattHancock to have saved it were nonsense, as I feared. I’m seeking more details.

Ben Coleman, explained the council is also taking legal advice to see if there should be a public consultation.

He said: “They need to keep it open. This is a very used service.”

The borough relies on the walk in clinic as it is the only one for miles.

At the Chelsea and Fulham hustings St Mary’s Church in December, the local candidates were asked about their plans for the centre and all ensured it would remain open.

A post on Mr Hand’s website about his plans for the area reads: “The future of the very popular Parsons Green Walk-In Centre in Fulham has also been secured.”

The post continues: “In response to another recent question of mine in the Commons, Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that the NHS has no plans to change the service at Parsons Green. This comes as very welcome news to local residents.”

Last year staff dealt with 24,959 cases – half of them Hammersmith and Fulham residents.

Neighbouring Lady Margaret School has many pupils who rely on the walk-in clinic.

Health campaigner Jim Grealy said hospitals referred patients to the centre.

“I had a skin cancer operation on my head and I was told the stitching was complex and needed to be taken out by people who knew that sort of work.

“The GP surgery could not do it and they took my stitches out at the walk-in centre. I was referred there by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.”

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