Try Twickenham launch Christmas bauble campaign to raise money for homelessness charity SPEAR London

Try Twickenham has launched a Christmas bauble campaign to raise money for homelessness charity SPEAR London.

Generous members of the public can make a donation to SPEAR to buy a clear plastic bauble which they can decorate or fill with gifts to be hung on the King Street Christmas tree in Twickenham.

The campaign will run throughout December and will help SPEAR continue their work with homeless people across south and west London.

Heidi Shrimpton, head of fundraising at SPEAR, said: “The sense of community and hope shown through the SPEAR bauble campaign has been wonderful to see.”


Try Twickenham came up with the idea that hopes to engage all members of the community ranging from the nursery age kids to businesses.

Gerry Barwick, Try Twickenham BID manager, said the original idea was to create ‘memory baubles’ for people to put in pictures of their family or things they love, with many of the baubles containing messages of hope or a small gift.

Natasha Thakkar, Givergy Associate marketing manager, one of the businesses that has been involved in the campaign, said: “SPEAR’s Christmas bauble campaign is creatively raising essential funds and awareness for their life changing cause.

”We loved the custom bauble they created for us and look forward to working with them in the future to raise even more.”


SPEAR has been operating in Richmond and Merton since 1987, providing services to thousands of homeless people to help them become totally independent.

They operate several hostels across Richmond and Merton and also offer skills development programs to help their clients gain the skills needed to gain employment.

If you would like to take part in the Christmas bauble campaign, head to SPEAR in Heath Road, Twickenham, or Penny Wade House, Kew Road, Richmond to make a donation and pick up a bauble to decorate.

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