Natural History Museum’s early Christmas tree gets frosty reception

It is not even November and the Natural History Museum has started the festivities early by putting up their Christmas tree.

There was a sense of disbelief this morning as people passed by the Natural History Museum in South Kensington as the 20ft decorated tree was erected outside.

Christmas is still ten weeks away but the museum felt it was about time the celebrations started.

The fake fir tree is at the centre of the museum’s annual Christmas ice rink, a prominent feature of South Kensington for the past 16 winters.

This will be the final time that the museum will host the ice rink as they plan to transform their five-acre gardens into a hub for urban wildlife. 

Onlookers felt that it was way too early to begin Christmas festivities as Halloween and Bonfire Night are still yet to happen.

Clapham resident Lucy Bell, 32, said: “I love the ice rink here at the Natural History Museum but seeing the Christmas tree so early in the year feels odd. 

“It’s getting a bit ridiculous how early Christmas celebrations start.”

Hugh Bugg, 56, from Chelsea, said: “The sun is still shining, it’s not even Halloween yet and they are trying to tell me it is 25 December.”

Others were quite pleased with the early preparations the Natural History Museum made.

Fred Steele, 33, also from Chelsea, said: “I love Christmas and it is nice to get into the spirit of it early.

“The tree looks beautiful and I will definitely come and use the ice rink later this year. I can’t wait for it.”

The ice rink will be open from 22 October to 16 January and people are encouraged to book to avoid missing out on the Christmas fun.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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