Police called to cocktail bar after fighting breaks out in Twickenham

Police were called to a cocktail bar in Twickenham after a group of men was seen fighting on the street on Saturday night.

The fight occurred outside the Be At One bar on York Street around 11:50pm.

Police were called to the scene shortly after the fight broke out with two police cars arriving within minutes. 

Witnesses described how two men in their early 20s were seen attacking an unidentified individual. 

The men were then seen punching another male member of the public who stepped in to defend the man being attacked.

Video footage of the incident obtained by SW Londoner shows individuals being pushed onto the road as the fight continued to escalate further up the street. 

The fight occurred right outside the popular Twickenham bar

Be At One staff members responded quickly by stepping in and keeping the two groups of men apart.

The two men in their early 20s were later apprehended by Twickenham Police but were eventually seen leaving in a car to go to the hospital after suffering some injuries during the confrontation. 

The other party involved in the fight left the scene before police had arrived.

A 21-year-old eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous told SW Londoner: “The ones who started it got beat up pretty bad. 

“The fight was all over nothing. I’m not sure what happened exactly but I think someone got offended at being shoved in the bar, that’s all. It could have been easily avoided.”

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