Lib Dem leadership race: Olney unsure on old favourite Davey

By Jacob Phillips
December 19 2019, 16.19

Sarah Olney said she was not sure if she would back her neighbouring MP Ed Davey for Liberal Democrat leadership today.

The Richmond Park MP was undecided about whether she would back a leadership bid from the current deputy leader.

When asked if she would back Davey, Olney said: “I am not sure it would depend on who the other candidates are. It is too early to say.”

Jo Swinson stepped down as leader after losing her seat in Dunbartonshire East by 149 votes to the Scottish National Party’s Amy Callaghan .

MP for Kingston and Surbiton Ed Davey ran for leader of the party following the resignation of Sir Vince Cable on 23 July.

He was beaten by Swinson who received 47,997 votes compared to 28,021 cast for Davey.

Despite Davey being the favourite to take over as leader, Olney was not willing to provide her support at this stage.

Having ruled out a bid for leadership herself, Olney may be debating whether to lend her support to another Liberal Democrat candidate.

Oxford West MP Layla Moran is rumoured to also be preparing a bid for leadership.

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