Car chewing foxes not fantastic for Merton residents

Foxes are chewing car cables in Merton, leaving residents with costly repairs and dangerous damage.

Dee Gomez, of Merton Park, had to pay £250 after their car’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) cables were chewed by foxes recently.

Gomez said: “I noticed the damage because the ABS light lit up on the dashboard, so I brought it to the mechanic and he said that that’s what happened.

“I knew it was the foxes as that same morning the bins had been ransacked and all the food rubbish was everywhere.”

They continued: “The mechanic said it was a common problem, as foxes are attracted to a nut-based oil used in braking fluid.”

Gomez now only puts rubbish out on the day it’s collected to prevent foxes being attracted to the house.

In response to a Nextdoor post about the issue, one resident commented: “This has now happened to me twice and my husband four times, it’s costing a fortune.”

Another claimed: “Unfortunately this is what happens when humans encroach on wildlife habitats, coupled with more food waste, also the fault of humans.”

So, here are some top tips to prevent foxes chewing your car cables:

Attach a thick tarpaulin to the bottom of your car.

This prevents foxes from gaining access to car cables. Before parking, place the tarpaulin in the parking space and drive onto it, and then attach it to your car with a thick string.

Use a fox repellent spray.

The RSPCA recommends only using repellents approved for use against foxes, as it is illegal to use any substance to deter foxes that has not been approved for this use.

Remove access to food supplies that attract foxes.

Clear away fallen fruit, and use securely sealed dustbins and composters.

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21 November 2021 2:37 pm

I have a convertible roof and foxes sit on it during the night… How do I stop this before it gets ripped ?

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