Parliament Square

Night before the Queen’s funeral from Parliament Square

The Londoners’ reporters camped with crowds in Parliament Square last night, and reported on last evening’s events and the lively atmosphere.

Georgina Findlay, Lucy Paine and Olivia Bothamley-Dakin reported from Parliament Square from 10pm.

There were already hundreds gathering at Parliament Square and setting up camp by the time our team arrived.

Olivia started our TikTok stream just before 11pm.


Bringing you updates throughout the night in the run up to the Queen’s funeral at 11am tomorrow. #thequeen #queenelizabeth #theroyals #queensfuneral #thequeue #parliamentsquare

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Georgina said the public were making the most of the occasion to make new friends.

The Queen’s funeral has brought people together from all corners of the UK.


We’ve set up camp in Parliament Square. People chatting, people sleeping. A wonderful, respectful atmosphere. #thequeen #queensfuneral #queenelizabeth #queenelizabeth2 #parliamentsquare #london #theroyalfamily #theroyals

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More than 4billion people around the world are predicted to watch the televised broadcast and our reporters met those who wanted to be part of this historic event.


Crowds are already starting to build on Whitehall to watch the Queen’s final journey to Windsor #windsor #thequeen #thequeensfuneral #Whitehall #parliamentstreet #theroyalfamily #royals #thequeue #queenelizabeth

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Lucy Paine said the police were moving people along, as the roads around the Square were starting to clog up at 3:20pm.


An update on what is happening down at Parliament Square in the early hours of this morning #queen #queenelizabeth #queenfuneral #parliamentsquare #queenelizabeth2 #london #thequeue

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Overnight, a group of soldiers marched past the crowd.

By nearly half past four, crowds were still growing and excitement was starting to build before sunrise.

Without any sleep but still in good spirits, Olivia reported early this morning that the kindness of strangers was very apparent.

Members of the public shared stories with our team over coffees and breakfast.


It’s not just the sun starting to rise here in Westminster as hundreds descend on Parliament Square. #TheQueen #queenfuneral #queenelizabeth #funeral #parliament #parliamentsquare #theroyalfamily #royalfamily #royal #London #thequeue

♬ original sound – the_londoners_
Olivia reporting after a night without sleep.

As the sun rose, those who braved the cold night out on the Square awoke to classical music.

As the public viewing areas become full, our reporters are standing alongside the public in anticipation of the funeral procession.

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