10 years and still missing: the abduction of Aamina Khan

Almost 10 years ago, six-year-old Aamina Ruqayyah Khan went missing from Croydon after being abducted by her own mother to Pakistan.

Aamina had been taken from her grandmother’s Morden home on 26th August 2011, by a parent who was not her primary carer.

Her father Dr. Safraz Khan, who lived in Croydon, had gained custody of her after the marriage broke down when Aamina was just three.

By removing the child from her father, Aamina’s mother had committed a crime under the Child Abduction Act 1984.

Now, 10 years later, as Aamina reaches a milestone at 16 years old, Khan still does not know whereabouts of his daughter, and she remains a missing person.

He spoke to South West Londoner about their story and the desperate quest to find her.

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Feature image credit: Safraz Khan

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