Richmond mum providing perfect service for homeschooling struggle during lockdown

A Richmond mum’s online tutoring platform has provided parents across London with the perfect tool for aiding the homeschooling lockdown challenge during the coronavirus epidemic.

Mum-of-four Katie Higham, 37, launched Katie’s Classroom in 2019, helping to familiarise teaching methods used in core subjects such as English and Maths.

Despite the launch in 2019, school closures across the UK courtesy of the global pandemic have elevated Katie’s Classroom, with membership tripling.

Mrs Higham was honest in her response describing how it has been maintaining Katie’s classroom and homeschooling her four children.

She said: “A total utter nightmare.”

Mrs Higham then went on to say how the importance of a routine with the children has been vital, ensuring time with each for reading, spelling and practising times tables.

Online tutor Katie Higham with sons Harry, 5 (left) and Sebastian, 8 (right)
Katie with sons: Harry, five, (left) and Sebastian, eight (right)

Katie’s classroom has introduced daily live phonics sessions with children able to tune in and practice reading and writing.

Mrs Higham underlined how vital it is for parents with children close to starting school to have a platform available to keep them stimulated and engaged.

The daily 20-minute Facebook live sessions have provided children with a sense of the missing classroom experience and the early morning start presents a perfect beginning to the day for parents young ones.

Parents have been quick to express just how much of a life saviour the live phonics sessions have been.

Mother-of-two and freelance designer and consultant Lauren Davies from Hackney, 37, also underlined the benefits she sees of Katie’s Classroom and the fundamental additional support it will provide beyond schools re-opening.

She said: “It’s been an absolute life saver and for my eldest who will not be able to return to school straight away as he suffers from viral wheeze, it really is such a brilliant service to be able to have access to.”

Katie’s Classroom offers primary school parents lesson objectives and tutorials on all UK curriculum based topics from years three to six.

Pocket sized revision cards for maths and English for reception all the way up to Year 6 are one of many elements of Katie’s Classroom

Lesson summaries offer further examples of white-board style tutorials as well as worksheets for children to practice and cement knowledge on an array of topics.

Mrs Higham spent ten years teaching at the renowned Thomas’s Clapham before turning her attention fully to Katie’s Classroom.

Although she admits the classroom feel is sorely missed from her teaching days, the live phonics sessions and the overwhelming positive feedback make it all worthwhile in knowing she is making a significant difference.

To find out more on Katie’s classroom visit her website at and view the video below for a taster on what to expect from her phonics sessions.

Feature and main image provided by Katie Higham

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