Windsor’s homeless demand a voice

Despite the heaving crowds and sense of national celebration, the royal wedding was highlighted by some as a example of the gap between rich and poor.

Groups of homeless people dotted the procession route side by side with spectators and royal fans.

Andrew Funk, 36 , from Barcelona, was previously homeless for 18 months and now focuses his attention on the plight of the homeless around Europe.

He said: “We want to help them rediscover themselves and be recognised as active citizens.

“So often they miss out, my organisation looks at providing them with chances they may not have otherwise had and we focus on getting them out of the situation.

“My goal is to give them the tools needed to get back on their feet.”

Alongside Windsor’s homeless, Mr Funk took up prime position within clear view of St Georges Chapel .

Mr Funk’s goal for today was to give a t-shirt, signed by homeless people in the area, to the happy couple as a wedding gift.

“This could be used as an opportunity to highlight homelessness in Windsor. The Royal family could have funded housing for one homeless person in Windsor for one year and used it to highlight homelessness as a global issue.”

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