Two police officers stood underground

Richmond Underground station has a significant police presence during peak hours

Richmond Underground station started to implement police enforcement during peak hours last month.

Sadiq Khan and Metropolitan Police are investing 2,500 police officers on public transport and 500 enforcement officers currently to ensure the safety of Transport for London. 

Graham, who works in Richmond station, said: “Today’s the first day that the police officers are here. The transport police cover all London stations during the peak hour.

“The police are mainly here for the fare-dodgers.” 

Khan said: “There are five million journeys a day on buses and four million journeys a day on tube in London. Public transport is a low crime environment but the crime rate is still high.” 

The mayor has faced criticism as the transport crime rate in London has increased by 58% during his term, according to Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Rob Blackie.

Blackie claimed there were 46,531 reported offences on public transportation in London in 2023, which is an increase from 29,413 in 2016.

Corrie David, Media Relations Manager of British Transport Police said: “This was a pre-planned joint op with the Metropolitan Police.

“These operations happen every day across the rail network of England, Scotland, and Wales.”

Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park, Sarah Olney said: “Steps taken to help keep Londoners safe on public transport are welcome.

“However, the fact remains that this Conservative Government and the Mayor of London have spent years bickering over political points rather than working together to define a strategy to tackle crime.

“Londoners deserve better – which is why the Liberal Democrats are calling for a return to local community policing which will help keep Londoners safe.”

Featured image credit: Ethan Wilkinson on Unsplash

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