Centenarian to carry London 2012 Torch


Diana Gould, the oldest Torchbearer, will be one of just 8,000 people to carry the London 2012 Torch months after she turns 100.


By Ryan Bangs

DIANA Gould has already got the party of a lifetime to look forward to this year but she’s just officially been invited to an even bigger one – the Olympic Torch Relay.

Diana will celebrate her 100th birthday on May 23 and, if that wasn’t good enough, she will now be one of just 8,000 people to carry the London 2012 Torch months later.

At nearly 100, Diana is the oldest Torchbearer with her nomination made by granddaughter Alexandra Antscherl, through Lloyds TSB’s nationwide search, officially accepted.

Diana was put forward not just because of her positive outlook on life but as at 99 she runs exercise classes in the retirement flats where she now resides in northwest London.

“It is an important honour for me to be selected to carry the Olympic Torch – it really is a wonderful, wonderful feeling that people think I am good enough for it,” she said.

“Of course it is an honour, my mum would have been very proud, and it is turning out to be quite a big year for me as I am soon turning 100.

“I know my family are organising a big party and soon after it, it will be the Olympics. But 100 is only a figure – I am good and healthy except for the odd bit of rheumatism.

“I do a lot of reading, do a lot of puzzles, play a lot of Scrabble and talk a lot of nonsense and that’s the secret to living to 100. I am a bit of a chocoholic though.”

Three times a week Diana – a keen badminton player in her younger years – holds her exercise classes, which entails stretching, reaching, bending and hand-eye coordination.

And, despite turning the grand old age of 100, meaning she will receive a telegram from the Queen, Diana isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

“I teach the class to old ladies but saying that I am old enough to be their mother. But I do it to keep my mind and their minds alert,” she added.

“And with the class and the other things I do, I keep myself busy and I think the whole family will gather for the Torch Relay and that is going to be great.”

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