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Notting Hill Carnival cancelled for second year

The Notting Hill Carnival was cancelled for a second year today following the ongoing uncertainty surrounding coronavirus.

The carnival, which was due to be held on the August 29 and 30, will be celebrated through alternative events as announced by the carnvial’s board.

In a statement, the board said: “This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make.

“Everyone involved in the event desperately wants a return to the road where carnival belongs but safety has to come first.”

CARNIVAL Image credit: Rob Schofield via flickr

They cited the government’s latest announcement as one reason for their decision.

There have been mixed reactions to the announcement with some praising the board for a sensible decision and others questioning the reason for the decision being made so early.

Last year, a series of digital events took place instead of the carnival and the board added there would be announcements made in due course about the events for this year.

They added: “Going forward, we will be working with carnivalists toward the greatest ever Notting Hill Carnival for 2022.”

Featured Image Credit: David Sedlecky via Wikimedia Commons

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