Uncorrected Independent Publishers Book Fair returns for second year

Tooting-based publisher and book binder Tangerine Press will host its second book fair for independent publishers in Peckham this weekend.

The Uncorrected Independent Publishers Book Fair, organised by Michael Curran, the founder of Tangerine Press, will take place on Saturday June 16 and Sunday June 17 at the Peckham Pelican, as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival.

According to Michael, the initial impetus to organise the fair was due to the fact that his press,  Tangerine didn’t seem to fit into any genre that fairs usually “like to adopt”, such as graphic novel, comic, poetry, photography.

Michael said: “So I thought why not start a fair for publishers that get involved in all manner of projects and subject areas, often in many different formats. Also some fairs charge quite a substantial sum for a stall, which made it unviable, for me at least.

“In addition to the expense, the size of some these events can mean the chances of selling a decent number of books boils down to factors such as browser fatigue, ‘bad’ stall position, etc.”

As well as Tangerine Press, which publishes ‘misfits, mavericks and misanthropes’, the fair will feature publishers including Fitzcarraldo Editions, which recently won the Man Booker International Prize for its title Flights by Olga Tokarczuk; London Books, which reissues lost classics from the capital’s forgotten authors; and Strange Attractor Press, which publishes ‘everything from UFO conspiracies to Zombie histories to studies on witchcraft and beyond’.

Also exhibiting at the fair will be Test Centre, which publishes a mix of poetry, prose, spoken word on vinyl in unusual formats and designs; Walden Press, which produces handbound chapbooks and letterpress newspapers; and L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, a publisher of limited edition books.

Michael added: “The idea of sitting around in a hall for two days didn’t really appeal. But sitting in a bar talking about books, meeting readers, writers and other publishers did. That’s practically my social life right there.

“So The Peckham Pelican is very much part of what we’re trying to achieve. You can come along, browse a few books, chat with publishers, nurse a beer or sup a coffee, eat a pizza and generally chill out.”

Discussing this year’s fair, Michael said: “If it’s anything like last year, it should go really well. All the publishers sold a good bundle of books, met other publishers, booksellers, book dealers, authors and of course plenty of readers!

“As we’re part of the Camberwell Arts Festival, in theory it should do even better. Perhaps the stars of the show this year are Fitzcarraldo Editions, but all the publishers and the writers they support deserve much credit for pursuing their vision against all the odds.”

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