Conservatory tax fears ‘exaggerated’ according to Wimbledon building companies


The tax proposal has prompted fears that rising costs could drive residents to shun developments.


By Tristan Carlyle, Sophie Garrod, Matthew Reason and Helen Wright

Homeowners’ fears that the ‘conservatory tax’ proposed by the Liberal Democrats will result in large bills have been blown out of proportion, according to Wimbledon building companies.

A clause in the Green Deal requires efficiency measures for a range of home improvements, including boilers and extensions.

This has prompted fears that faced with rising costs, residents would shun developments and the construction industry would suffer.

However, Wimbledon building companies argue the effect of the proposals on consumers has been exaggerated.

Dan, from Albion Windows and Conservatories, expects the regulations would have no impact on his work whatsoever.

He said: “It isn’t a ‘conservatory tax’ at all; I have no idea how people got that from the information.

“There is no need to worry, people are unlikely to face higher costs, not many people will be affected at all.”

Nick, from SimpleFit Conservatories, says that the demand for larger extensions is steadily decreasing.

He said: “That’s what happens when you flood the market with a development like this, people don’t need to build a conservatory twice.”

The Conservatives are considering removing the clause as they are unwilling to impose costs on homeowners, an approach gaining a lot of public support.

Harry Wood, 42, a Wimbledon accountant said: “People are already having trouble making ends meet, and they do not want to pay any more money.

“People are struggling with stamp duty, and finding the large deposits banks are asking for at the moment, where would buyers have found the spare cash for this tax?”

Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs’ presenter supports the Green Deal, citing how homeowners could opt-out of the requirements should potential energy savings fall below costs.

He said: “The Government’s plans are about as sensible as sensible gets. Reading the recent coverage I began to wonder if there was a secret anti-insulation lobby rabidly bent on increasing our domestic fuel bills.

“The green deal saves you money. If that makes it a tax, let’s have more of them.”

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