Selfieccinos hit the high street as craze continues to increase

The selfie craze has reached new heights in London, as selfieccinos are now being served on Oxford Street.

For the first time in Europe, the photo-topped coffees are now available at The Tea Terrace, inside House of Fraser.

The demand has been so huge that when the coffee machine broke down before Christmas, The Tea Terrace paid for experts from China to fly over and fix it.

“They’ve been really fun to make. Before this, the selfies were on food or cakes – now the new generation have moved onto coffee,” said team leader Turkhan Baghirov, 22.

When a customer orders a Selfieccino, they WhatsApp their chosen photo to staff and it is then printed onto the drink using a Cino machine.

The machine works by scanning a photo and reproducing it on to the coffee’s froth using flavourless food colouring.

The process takes around four minutes.

Turkhan says that the best quality selfieccinos have been created by customers who have the iPhone X.

He also recommends that the background should be one colour and there should be good lighting for the best results.

“Oh, and you should also smile,” he added.

Selfieccinos are £5.75, but selfie hot chocolates are available for those who don’t like coffee.

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