How to avoid the January Sales trap

January sales are designed to make us forget about Christmas, and spend even more money. Avoid the most common January sales traps and save your money in 2018.

Perfectly timed, January sales fall between Christmas and New Year.

Encouraging us to spend even more, retailers have us by the wallets.

Financial expert Tashema Jackon of explained: “Every year retailers up and down the country will be offering reductions and markdowns on essential to luxury items, as last season’s must-haves are replaced with the new season’s trends.”

These “must have trends” are what keep us spending online and on the high street. Despite falling numbers of consumers shopping on the high street, retail revenues remain high. It is estimated that around £80 billion was spent over Christmas 2017. Although consumers might think this is enough to keep retailers happy it isn’t. Many high street chains are reporting financial difficulty including New Look. This is likely to prolong the January sales period.

For bargain shoppers here’s some advice on how to avoid the traps on and offline:

Look in your wardrobe

It may sound obvious, but before you decide to splurge on the January sales check your wardrobe.

Most of us already have more clothes than we already need. If the only reason you’re shopping in the January sales is “because it’s cheap” then do you really need more clothes?

The main advantage to checking your wardrobe is to learn your style. As Tashema Jackson said, retailers are always trying to push new and must have trends.

While some of these trends may suit you, some might just be hideous. 2017 was no exception to hideous trends. Instead of trying to keep up with all these trends, why not just shuffle your wardrobe. No doubt there will be one or two never worn outfits. Save yourself some fashion faux-pas and cash by looking at your own wardrobe.

Make smart payment decisions

This one applies to both online and high street shopping. For high street shoppers, this means to avoid spending on credit cards. Although it can be tempting to buy now pay later don’t. Only spend what you can actually afford this January. That way if you have made a bad purchase at least you won’t still be paying for it in 2019.

Making smart payment decisions online is a little easier. Firstly, remove any linked payment methods from accounts. This will hopefully prevent any impulse buying. Another smart thing to do is investigate other payment methods.

One popular online payment method is iDebit. Founded as a way to make online shopping safer iDebit is very easy to use. How it works: Consumers select their items and go to checkout and select the iDebit option. Once they have selected this iDebit will connect them with their bank account. When consumers have been connected they can authorise the payment. This means consumers can even quickly check their balance.

IDebit first became popular in the online casino industry. Since then it has spread worldwide. Online casino review site SuperLenny say “iDebit does exactly what a credit card would do, but without all the fussing around with registering for the card”

Shop Locally

It is no secret that the British high street is in trouble. What people forget is this also affects all our charming Chelsea boutique stores. To keep shopping in South West London alive boutiques, need your support. There are many benefits of shopping locally, the main reason is to support your community. Boutiques celebrate individual needs and are full of unique items.

Perfect for finding presents or treating yourself, boutique shops offer something different. Shopping locally, also allows us to escape the madness of Oxford Street or Westfield’s. During the busy Christmas or sales periods, this can be a welcome relief.

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