Richmond Council encourages diabetes risk and symptoms awareness

Richmond Council is encouraging people to be aware of their risk of developing diabetes and the symptoms following World Diabetes Day last Sunday.

It is thought 90% of adults with diabetes in the UK have type 2 diabetes which can often be prevented through increased awareness and healthier lifestyles.

According to council figures there are around 15,000 people living in Richmond who are at high risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Helen Riley from Diabetes UK described the disease as having impaired or absent insulin production of the pancreas.

The charity says moving more each day will help you lose and maintain a healthy weight, as carrying extra weight is a key risk factor for type 2 diabetes

Moving more will also help you to:

  • reduce your waist size
  • reduce blood pressure
  • improve your mood
  • manage stress and help you sleep.

Type 1 diabetes is a serious, lifelong condition where your blood glucose (sugar) level is too high because your body can’t make a hormone called insulin and can go undiagnosed.

Around 8% of people with diabetes in the UK have type 1 diabetes.

Helen said: “It’s most commonly diagnosed in people under 40, the symptoms are the four T’s which are thirsty, tired, toilet and thinner.”

She said people are aware of the disease but they might not know the different types and details.

This year marks 100 years since the discovery of a treatment that has saved millions of lives around the world – insulin.

Diabetes UK helped celebrate this global awareness day by painting their nails blue, the charity’s symbolic colour.

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