John Terry supports prospective Chelsea stadium move


Roman Abramovich is looking to buy Chelsea Pitch Owner’s shares so the club can move from Stamford Bridge to another site.


By Katriona Ormiston

John Terry has come forward in support of the prospective Chelsea Football Club Stadium move.

Club owner Roman Abramovich is looking to buy Chelsea Pitch Owner’s (CPO) shares so Chelsea can be moved from Stamford Bridge in Fulham to another site.

Club Captain Terry, who debuted at Chelsea in 1998 and spent the rest of his career at the club, admitted he was pro-move.

He said: “We all have great memories of the Bridge but for us to go further we might need to move, and we have to trust our owner.”

It is thought Chelsea does not have a large enough seat capacity for supporters.

In comparison to other Premier League Clubs, Chelsea’s 41,837 seat capacity falls short of Manchester United’s 75,957 seats and Arsenal’s 60,355.

Stamford Bridge’s exits, which lead onto Fulham Road, restrict the capacity to its current number for safety reasons.

Chairman of Chelsea FC Bruce Buck gave assurances the stadium will not move before 2020 unless it is within 3-miles of Stamford Bridge and at least has a 55,000 capacity.

Some Chelsea fans are less enthusiastic. Stamford Bridge has been Chelsea’s home for 106 years.

Chelsea supporter Charlie Reynolds said: “It seems a shame for the club to not only turn its back on over 100 years of history but also on its location – Chelsea.

“Chelsea should stay as close to Chelsea as possible otherwise the club is in danger of losing its local identity.”

Chelsea Manager Andre Villas-Boas is also encouraging the move.

Citing the example of his former club in Portugal, he said: “When Porto left the old stadium to go to the Dragao, nobody liked the name, the site, the stadium, or the idea of moving.

“We were invaded by a feeling of sadness, by leaving a site that meant so much to so many. But go back to Porto now and no one remembers the old stadium.”

Options for the relocation include Earls Court and White City.

CPO members are to vote at a meeting on 27th October.


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