Croydon technology scheme to bring people together during the pandemic

A scheme has been set up in Croydon to supply technological devices to connect those who have been isolated during the pandemic.

Croydon Commitment, a charity set up to encourage Croydon businesses to foster links with the community, has joined forces with video game retailer Go2Games to launch Keep Croydon Connected.

Their aim is to provide school children and isolated elderly people with technological devices donated by members of the public, such as laptops, phones and tablets.

Craig Constantinides, director of Go2Games and a Croydon native, said: “We were getting phone calls from councillors, saying that there was a need for devices in schools and primary schools weren’t receiving any sort of support.

“It’s about trying to create an idea of sustainability.”

Around 100 children have already received devices which have been essential for home schooling.

Melinda Ashford, partnerships and programme manager at Croydon Commitment, said: “There is still a need for more but now people are more aware of the need for people to be connected, as well as the environmental benefits of recycling.

“A permanent recycling of devices would be great, so we do hope to keep it going for as long as we can.”

Constantinides set up his gaming company selling on eBay, and initially began the campaign donating devices to Nightingale hospital wards during the pandemic.

A self-described “digital Del Boy”, he is now a partner of the Fashion Meets Music pop up in the Croydon Centrale shopping centre.

He said: “We’re trying to create a learning environment as much as it is a retail environment.”

For those who wish to donate to Keep Croydon Connected, the devices need to be functioning, with a charger and reset to the factory setting.

They also need to be sanitised before donating.

The devices can be dropped off at the Volunteer Centre or CVA Resource Centre in Croydon, or they can be posted to G2G Limited, PO Box 2069, London CR90 9NF.

Featured image credit: Croydon Commitment

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