SWL hits the streets of Wimbledon to mark Random Acts of Kindness Day 2017

Every year on February 17 people around the world mark ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ day, with the aim of spreading generosity and thoughtfulness across the world.

And to celebrate this day, we decided to do some good of our own by giving people on Wimbledon’s The Broadway some random treats.

From chocolate bars to cans of beer we embraced the spirit of kindness and selfless giving, capturing the reactions of those involved on camera.

The lucky strangers involved simply picked a piece of paper from a hat that had a surprise gift on and were given it straight away!

There were some priceless reactions, with some looking as though we had just made their day, while others felt they didn’t deserve to be given such a nice treat.

All in all it wasn’t the worst way to spend an afternoon and, having cost us just £20, it’s something people should really do more often.

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